Obesity in childhood raises the possibility of dementia

A recent study found that obese kids have a higher chance of getting dementia in later life. Obesity in childhood raises the possibility of middle-aged brain dysfunction, which may ultimately result in dementia.

Obesity in childhood
Source: https://bonejoint.net/

A general term for memory, thinking, or decision-making impairment that interferes with daily activities, dementia is not a specific disease.

The findings were based on a study that involved more than 1,200 people and was conducted over a 30-year period. The research was started when the participants were school students.

Professor Michelle Kelly Saya of Monash University in Melbourne, who is the study’s lead author, said it was crucial to create plans to increase childhood fitness and decrease obesity because doing so enhances mental function in middle age.

The important thing, he continued, is that research is indicating the necessity of taking preventative measures against early degenerative brain function in childhood as soon as possible so that the brain has a solid foundation against developing dementia-like conditions in middle age.

Globally, there will be 150 million dementia cases by 2050, a triple increase. Lifestyle is being considered to reduce the risks in the absence of treatment.

The study is the first of its kind and was published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sports.

In 1985, the study involved 1,244 Australian participants between the ages of seven and fifteen.