California State Fair Wine Competition

California State Fair Wine Competition, which is considered as the most prestigious of American Wine Competitions in North America, is scheduled for June 11th through the 13th. The Organizers have been holding this Wine Competition since 1855. Last year 661 wineries listed their name in the competition. They presented 3,029 varieties of wine for this … Read more

Identity Diet Provides Identity Theft Protection For Celebrities

We all know that identify theft has become the fastest growing crimes in the U.S. Criminals have also started targeting high target identities such as celebrities. A new company has come in the market to provide services to celebrities. The company’s name is IdentityMate. The company identifies specific risks and plan actions to protect against … Read more

Barack Obama Vs Hillary Clinton

According to news reports Senator Hillary Clinton will drop out of the presidential race on friday will cede the Democratic nomination to Senator Barack Obama of the Illinois. It has been a long hard fought battle between the two and Senator Clinton put up a good fight. I have never seen such fight for presidential nomination before.

It is expected that Hillary Clinton will announce her decision after consulting with party leaders and supporters. I think that Senator Clinton can be a good running mate for Barack Obama.

Petrol prices increase in India

The Indian government has increased the petrol prices keeping in view the trend in the international market. It is for the second time this year that prices of petroleum products have been increased in India.

It seems that the Indian government has sought inspiration from the neighboring Pakistani government which has increased petrol prices several times during the past few months.

Increase in the price of petrol increases the prices of almost everything. The poor people are the worst affected because of the cumulatve effect. If this rising trend continnues unabated I wonder what will happen. The other day I was reading that the ruling Congress part is worried about the coming state elections because of the price hike.

Power Crisis in Pakistan

There is a power crisis in Pakistan. There is a struggle among the politicians to grab more and more power. A constitutional amendment package has been prepared in order to wrest power from the president. All this is being done in the name of restoration of democracy, without giving any consideration to the problems being faced by the people.

The governmnet has forgotten all the promises made to the people. It has not done anything so far to provide any relief to the common people. The 100 day programme announced by the Prime Minister has disappeared. Not a single step mentioned in the 100 days programme has been implemented.

There is another type of power crisis in the country – the electrical power crisis. The situation can be judged from the fact that the duration of load shedding has now increased to more than 10 hours a day. Electricity disappears without any prior information many times a day which brings all type of business activity to a halt. People are forced to use generators and UPSs which has increased the cost of living and business. No one cares.

To some of our leaders the restoration of judges is the only problem. It seems that it is the panacea for all ills in the country. To some removal of Pervez Musharraf from presidency is the only problem and everything will come to normal if the president is removed.

Whither common man?

Bomb blast near Danish Embassy in Islamabad

A powerful bomb blast ripped the high security zone in Islamabad near Danish embassy. At least eight people were killed and many wounded. This blast in a high security zone clearly indicates that the terrorists have the capability to strike in any part of the country at their will.

The security personnel at the high security zones have not been able to check the terrorists from carrying out their attack. It either indicates connivance or lack of professional merit. Such incidents draw a very bad image of the country. The entire nation has to suffer because of the doings of a few perverted minds.

Avoid Using Credit Cards When Buying the Essentials items

CareOne Credit is advising Americans not to use their credit cards for buying essential items. They observed that people some people who are strapped for cash are using credit cards to buy essentials. They are of the opinion that it will get them into debts. They advising people to live with their income and do … Read more

Scrubs & Beyond Showcases Dickies Medical Uniforms For Summer

Scrubs & Beyond is offering new wrap scrub tops, v-necks and Johnny collars for summer from Dickies . You will also see a wide variety of pants in different styles including boot cut, flare-leg and cargo with a hip flip waist inspired by yoga pants. Dickies have been in apparel business since 1992. They started … Read more

Pakistan needs 159 years to catch up with industrialized world

According to a report by the Commission on Growth and Development, Pakistan needs 159 years to catch up with industrialized nations of the world. The commission is an independent body based at the World Bank headquarters in Washington.

The commission report says that Pakistan can achieve this target by 2050 if it maintains an annual growth rate of 8.3 per cent and in 2100 if it maintains a growth rate of 4.9 per cent.

In my opinion the target will not be achieved in another hundred years if the present crisis like situation continues. We have not been able to solve even the basic problems of the common people. Pakistan cannot hope to achieve any such target unless the people of the country rise against tyranny and misrule. If they continue to send leaders like Na