Researchers Discover more evidence of the relationship between cod and weather

This was revealed in a medical study – shutter stock photo

The increase in the rate of spread of Covid-19 is linked to temperature and humidity, which in its case increases in different regions in different months of the year.

This was revealed in a medical study conducted in the United States.

Research from the University of Florida found that in colder climates, the northeastern states of the United States may experience more cases during the winter, while in warmer regions, such as the southern states, it may occur in the summer.

Similarly, temperate regions can be exposed to 2 waves of code.

Experts involved in the research said that we believe that cod can become endemic, meaning that it will remain in human populations, but the geography of a place will play a role in its wave. How low or high the temperature.

The study found that specific increases or decreases in temperature and humidity led to an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in the world’s worst-affected areas.

For example, cases increased when the temperature dropped below 17C or rose above 24 C.

Similarly, the virus survives longer in humid areas in dry environments.

“We need to tailor epidemic prevention strategies to the environment in our residential areas,” the researchers said.

He said that Florida, Africa and India are tropical regions but there faced Covid-19 waves, but the time of increase in cases there was different from the waves of more cold regions.

However, he added that the number of cases may increase during severe cold or heat waves, but only when the temperature is maintained for an average of 14 days.

He said that the temperature and humidity of an area play an important role in the volume of viral particles, as it determines the vitality of the particles in the atmosphere.

The dry weather in cold regions evaporates water from viral particles and shrinks their volume, allowing them to swim longer in the air.

He explained that in colder climates, people prefer to stay indoors and there is a higher risk of spreading viral particles.

In contrast, warmer areas with higher humidity have higher amounts of water in their air, which causes viral particles to grow larger and roar faster on the floor.

But at the same time, people spend more time indoors to escape the heat outside, and the risk of cod increases when the air drainage system is faulty.

Human behavior is a key factor in the spread of the virus, researchers say.

The study found that temperatures between 16 and 23 degrees Celsius show a lower number of cases, which is the temperature that people consider to be tolerable and spend time outside.

The researchers said that the research confirms previous findings related to the low temperature and humidity code, which also shows how the virus spreads even in hot weather.

He said the results showed once again how complex the weather and Corona’s relationship is.

Researchers emphasize the use of masks such as proper ventilation and filtration, which are important steps to prevent the spread of the disease.

He said that better air ventilation and face masks could reduce the rate of cod cases, even in large and somewhat crowded places.

The findings were published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

OPPO Reno7 Series 5G offers Malaysians portrait photo and video like a pro — TrendGrnd

In case you still aren’t aware, OPPO Malaysia has recently announced the OPPO Reno7 Series is coming to Malaysia market soon. Touted to be “The Portrait Expert”, the OPPO Reno7 Series 5G can produce DSLR-like portrait via adjustable Portrait Mode and Bokeh Flare Portrait hoping users can unlock the “Unlimited You” by showing different personas […]

OPPO Reno7 Series 5G offers Malaysians portrait photo and video like a pro — TrendGrnd

WhatsApp has 9 important rules that no one can break

One might sometimes get the impression that everything is allowed in WhatsApp and there are absolutely no rules. Exactly the opposite is the case. There are nine rules that you should never break, otherwise, your account will be blocked and you will no longer be able to use Messenger.

WhatsApp rules that you should definitely follow

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in the world. It doesn’t work without rules. That’s exactly why the group has set out nine important rules in the terms of use that nobody is allowed to break. Otherwise, the account will be blocked.

  1. Insulting users
    You may not insult, threaten, harass or make or share racist or ethnically objectionable statements to other users.
  2. Incite to violence
    WhatsApp may not be used to incite violence, illegal or otherwise inappropriate activities. This also applies to sharing content with violent crime.
  3. Fake News
    The messenger may not be used to spread fake news with intentional untruths, misrepresentations or misleading statements.
  4. Sending spam
    Users of WhatsApp are not allowed to spread “messages like bulk messages”. The use of “auto-messaging” or “auto-dialing” is also prohibited. Messages or calls that were previously recorded and sent automatically at a specific time are therefore not allowed. Only if you have permission from WhatsApp, there is an exception.
  5. Feigning another identity
    With WhatsApp, there is no real name requirement. Users can only be identified by phone number. The name can be chosen freely. You are not allowed to pretend to be someone else here. But nicknames are allowed.
  6. Distributing malware
    Files can also be sent via WhatsApp. Accordingly, you may not use Messenger to distribute viruses or other malware.
  7. Spying on users
    You are not allowed to spy on users via WhatsApp. No information may be obtained from or about users in an inadmissible or unauthorized manner.
  8. Changing cell phone number too often
    WhatsApp is tied to a cell phone number. There is no account where you log in with a username and password. If you change your cell phone number too often, WhatsApp can eventually exclude you from the verification process.
  9. Hacking WhatsApp or manipulating
    the code Anyone who tries to hack the messenger or manipulate the code in any way will also be blocked immediately.

Qi Chargers: The Best Wireless Chargers

The best induction chargers

Many modern smartphones can be charged without a cable. For this you need an inductive charging station according to the Qi standard. Qi chargers are available for around 20 euros, but can also be significantly more expensive. 

Qi chargers in the test: charging stations at a glance

Inductive charging stations differ not only in their design. The models we tested have different additional features and also deliver different results in their main task – wireless charging of a cell phone.The following table shows a selection from our ranking. For the full test panel with all tested products and their respective results, see 

our wireless charger leaderboard . Further down in this article we present the products from the table in more detail.Is there not the right product for you in our recommendations? Then try our personal step-by-step guide below the table to find the right Qi charger for you.

Smartphone Trojan in apps steals money and bank data unnoticed

When using the Google Play Store, you currently have to beware of a dangerous smartphone Trojan. Once on the Android smartphone, the malware can steal data and thereby steal money from you.

Despite the myriad security measures, malware keeps finding new ways to infiltrate Android devices. The latest malware of this type comes in the form of an app called 2FA Authenticator. This app then installs a malware called “Vultur”.

Smartphone Trojan is dangerous.

Pradeo’s research team dubbed this a “trojan dropper,” where cybercriminals piggyback malware onto a seemingly harmless app. This particular malware can target users’ banking information and even steal funds from their accounts. Luckily, the app was removed from the Google Play Store on January 27th.

However, it is very likely that many users still have the app on their devices. If that’s the case, you should delete the app immediately to avoid possible theft. According to Play Store listing screenshots, the app had over 10,000 installs.

The app requests sensitive data, including biometric information such as fingerprints. A closer look at the permissions requested by the app makes it clear that it aims to trick users into sharing personal information. Some of the permissions requested by the app include full network access, run at startup, and disabling the screen lock or password. In addition, the app would be given permission to disable the keyboard, query all packets, and even use biometrics, including the user’s fingerprint data.

The app could also install third-party apps disguised as an update, making it almost impossible for unsuspecting users to tell anything is wrong. While users are advised never to download apps outside of the Play Store, if the malicious app is from Google’s official app store, there is not much they can do.

Last week, a new investigation by Zimperium uncovered a new malware called Dark Herring . This malware infiltrates victim’s device via SMS. Dark Herring also uses apps to get onto devices, some of which have been released on the Play Store. However, Google reacted quickly and has since removed all apps associated with Dark Herring.

Use pro functions for free: The best alternatives to the PDF tool Adobe Reader

PDF files have become indispensable in everyday life. The universal file format displays content the same way on any device. Probably the best-known PDF reader comes from Adobe. There are some strong alternatives, which I will present to you below.

There are more tools in the PDF world than in almost any other area. If you only want to view PDF files, you can now do this conveniently in your browser. Many also use the popular Adobe Acrobat Reader . However, it repeatedly draws attention to itself with security gaps and quickly reaches its limits in the free version.

Anyone who does not get along with the Adobe tool or would like more functions can fall back on numerous free tools. Below we have selected three recommended PDF readers for you that are a good match for Adobe.

Foxit Reader: Convert scans to editable PDFs

Fast as lightning and completely free: Foxit Reader.

The free Foxit Reader comes with numerous useful extras on your computer. In contrast to Adobe, you can also convert scanned documents or images into PDF files in the free version, which can then be searched and edited. Redacting text or images safely is also possible with Foxit Reader, as well as adding images to a PDF file.

Practical: The Foxit Reader shines with its extraordinary speed. Even PDF files with several hundred pages can be opened quickly and reliably.

PDF-XChange Editor: Redact text irrevocably

The PDF-XChange Editor is one step ahead of the free version of Adobe Reader, especially when it comes to multimedia. With the free tool, it is easily possible to convert images and Microsoft Office files directly into PDFs or to add audio comments. In addition, tools for text translation can be integrated directly into the PDF reader.

The XChange Editor has been one of our absolute favorite downloads for many years . The numerous features make up for the somewhat old-fashioned surface.

PDF XChange Editor: The long-running favorite among PDF readers.

3rd alternative: Insert images into PDF files

A third alternative to Adobe Reader is the free Icecream PDF Editor . In the free version, you can insert images into PDF files, edit the text in a PDF and extract individual pages as a new PDF file.

The user interface of the tool has a modern design and is very clearly structured thanks to the sidebar. Annotations and comments are much faster than with Adobe Reader. The only drawback: The standard watermark can only be removed in the Pro version.

Vitamin capsules & Co: What you should know

Pills, powder, capsules, effervescent tablets – the choice is large.  Dietary supplements have long been part of everyday life. But does that make sense?

Around a third of Germans take vitamins from food supplements at least once a week. One in six even swallows vitamins every day in the form of tablets, capsules or liquids, according to a survey published by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) this Thursday. Questions and answers about this:

What did the study show?

About half of those surveyed by the BfR state that they often consciously pay attention to an adequate intake of vitamins. Fruit and vegetables are the most important sources of vitamins , followed by fish and legumes .

Just under a quarter of those surveyed see food supplements as an important source of vitamins. Still, about a third say they take vitamins from supplements at least once a week – particularly vitamin D, followed by vitamin B12, vitamin C and multivitamins. Around a thousand people were surveyed as part of the BfR consumer monitor.

What are vitamins important for?

Vitamins are essential for most bodily functions. For example, they strengthen the immune system and promote the development of cells, bones and teeth. Since the body cannot produce them or only insufficiently, they have to be ingested with food.

Is an additional income necessary?

No. Experts say in most cases, swallowing extra vitamins isn’t necessary . With a balanced and varied diet, the body receives almost all vitamins in sufficient quantities. BfR President Andreas Hensel even explains:Anyone who takes high doses of vitamins without it being necessary risks oversupply and thus undesirable health effects.BfR boss Andreas Hensel

Only in certain cases is the intake of vitamins from dietary supplements expressly recommended, for example for folic acid before and during early pregnancy.

Which rules apply?

Dietary supplements are foodstuffs and must therefore not endanger health. They do not go through an official approval process in which the harmlessness to health must be proven. In Germany, the national regulation on food supplements regulates which vitamins may be added to a food supplement. However, it does not contain any legally binding maximum amounts for the addition of vitamins . The responsibility for this lies fundamentally with the food companies.

What makes a good smartphone camera?

Of course, cell phones were once used mainly for making calls. That has changed radically. For many people, the smartphone is now more of a camera than a telephone.

When it comes to beautiful memories, photos and videos are indispensable and irreplaceable. Countless people use them to express their creativity on Tiktok, Youtube & Co. The source for most of these pictures and films are, of course, smartphones. But which devices are best, or at least particularly well suited, for recording moving and still images?

Are the manufacturers’ flagship models, which often reach prices in excess of 1000 euros, a point of reference? In principle yes, says Andreas Seeger from the mobile phone specialist magazine “Connect”: “You can say that the more expensive a smartphone is, the better the camera equipment is, because this is basically what is most expensive in terms of hardware .”

Does it have to be 1000 euros?

However, buyers can also stack a little lower in price. Andreas Seeger mentions around 500 euros as the price limit for smartphones that take better pictures even in poor light. “In good light, most smartphones actually take good photos, even devices that only cost around 300 euros,” explains the expert. In more difficult situations – in backlight or when it’s dark – the wheat separates from the chaff. “Then you need a device that is a bit more expensive.

From 1000 euros, it is mainly the focal lengths that make the difference, says Seeger. In this price range, smartphones have several lenses: In addition to the normal wide-angle and the ultra-wide-angle, which are actually standard, there is also an optical zoom – with two, three or even five times the magnification.

The light intensity is missing

The quality of the enlargements is limited: “Powerful zooms with a good light intensity do not fit into these flat mobile phones. After all, nobody wants to carry a five-centimetre-thick part with them,” points out Werner Lüttgens from the photography magazine “ColorFoto”.

“Therefore, the solution at the moment is to install many complete cameras with optics and recording sensors,” explains Lüttgens. This is very expensive and increases the price. Basically, the expert welcomes the effort: “The many cameras are good because they offer the possibility to take pictures with different angles.”

Operating the many cameras is then relatively self-explanatory, says Lüttgens: “The camera does a lot on its own.” Otherwise, the various cameras could be selected directly on the display.

Pay attention to optical image stabilization

Which other factors influence the photo quality of smartphones? “A larger image sensor is better because it delivers less noisy images,” says Michael Wolf from Stiftung Warentest. “An optical image stabilizer is also very useful if done well.” Beyond that, however, it is hardly possible to draw conclusions about the image quality solely on the basis of technical characteristics. You just have to test that.

Under no circumstances should you get caught up in pixel madness, warns Wolf. “More pixels in no way mean better picture quality.” On the contrary, it increases image noise when too many pixels are squeezed onto a tiny camera sensor. The smartphone then has to calculate this noise out of the photo with great effort, which can lead to other image errors.

The thing with the sounding names

And can one orient oneself to the well-known names of optics or camera manufacturers, which are often emblazoned on smartphones or lenses? Probably not, says Michael Wolf, dampening expectations: In our tests we have not observed that mobile phone cameras with prestigious names are always the best, he says.

But Werner Lüttgens is certain that these companies make sure that everything with their name on it has a certain quality: “Of course they don’t make these cameras, but they work on the development, certify the processes and they test them the whole thing too.” You can therefore be sure that you will receive a certain quality.

Whatsapp sayings for Valentine’s Day: The most beautiful wishes

February 14th is Valentine’s Day: we have collected some of the most beautiful and romantic Whatsapp love messages.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner: but what do you give your loved one? Some are planning a romantic dinner, a short trip, or buying a bouquet of flowers. Others just send nice sayings to show the boyfriend or girlfriend that you are thinking of them.

Even a short sentence is often enough to sweeten the day of a loved one. But what should one write? Some people are not sure how best to communicate their love. We have therefore put together the most beautiful Whatsapp sayings and videos for Valentine’s Day:

Whatsapp sayings for Valentine’s Day – send romantic love greetings

  • Look into your eyes, entrust everything to you, share every joy with you, we overcome all pain. Sink into your eyes, almost drown in your love, that’s what I want from you, together – we! 
  • And when we’re miles apart, I’m glad we know each other. You are one of those people who are never forgotten. Because you are special.
  • You are my star, you are the sunshine for me! Whether near or far, I will always be with you!
  • Love alone understands the secret of giving gifts to others and becoming rich yourself.
  • And at some point someone comes into your life who makes you feel at home, no matter where you are.
  • I would hug you too if you were a cactus and I was a balloon. 
  • Like a Nike without Air, like a Gummi without a bear, like a shower without Das, like a contra without bass, like the sun without a sting, my life would be without YOU!
  • I love you, I love you, I don’t know how to spell that. If the grammar isn’t right either, I love you and that’s important.
  • Valentine’s Day is just commerce, I hope my heart is enough for you.
  • Love is work, but with you there is always a lunch break!
  • Especially on Valentine’s Day, lovebirds can show their love with these romantic Whatsapp sayings. If you want to spice things up, just add one or the other emoji. A classic is of course the red heart and the rose. Both express love. Anyone who wants to try their hand at being a poet can send the love letter.

Especially on Valentine’s Day, lovebirds can show their love with these romantic Whatsapp sayings. If you want to spice things up, just add one or the other emoji. A classic is of course the red heart and the rose. Both express love. Anyone who wants to try their hand at being a poet can send the love letter.