Pakistani Politics leaning towards the United States again for survival

Islamabad and Washington are getting back together after being at odds for years because of how anti-American former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was. Khan was forced to step down at the beginning of April. Shehbaz Sharif, who took over after him, and Pakistan’s military power, as well as a desire to lessen the country’s reliance on China. Since then, the US has announced more and more help for Pakistan, which is going through a very bad economic crisis and terrible floods. Pakistani military leaders have tilted towards the United States again.

The two countries have also agreed on more secret security clauses. This is a way for the US to try to keep this powerful South Asian country in the Western camp in the midst of the conflict in Ukraine.

In its last announcement, dated September 9, the American command for the Middle East, CentCom, said that it would send “an evaluation mission to Islamabad to determine what support the American ministry of defence can bring to USAID as part of United States assistance.”

The powerful chief of staff of the Pakistani army, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, made the decision on Thursday. Since June, monsoon rains have flooded almost a third of Pakistan, killed more than a thousand people, and destroyed or damaged more than a million homes.

Don’t make China mad. Two days ago, the Pentagon confirmed that it was talking to Pakistan about fixing up its fleet of American F-16 fighter planes, and that the talks were going in the right direction. The American State Department has given its approval to the current agreement, which is expected to cost about $448 million USD. The White House and the companies involved have already said that this negotiation will not lead to the delivery of “any new capacity, weapon, or ammunition.”

The Pentagon says that this sale will help achieve “the foreign policy and national security goals of the United States.” A carefully chosen message that is likely meant not to upset Beijing, which is Pakistan’s most important strategic ally. Pakistan would have nearly 400 JF-17 fighter planes, which were made with help from China but are less reliable than American F-16s, according to experts.

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