Peas reduce cholesterol, are a treasure trove of protein and keep diabetes under control

Nutritionists around the world are advising people to eat delicious peas because new medical and nutritional benefits are coming out of them, and now more medical aspects have emerged. They say it helps reduce cholesterol and keep diabetes under control.

Peas reduce cholesterol and keep diabetes under control Munaeems Blog February 8 2023
peas Munaeems Blog

Peas are visible everywhere in winter. The delightful and delicious peas of the pulses family are popular among children and adults alike. That’s why peas are part of many foods. However, new medical benefits have emerged that further increase the importance of peas.

Peas contain compounds that protect us from winter diseases by strengthening the immune system, especially in winter.

Peas contain fiber, protein, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidants. Experts say that eating peas brings out four major medical benefits, which are as follows:

Useful in Diabetes

Eating peas keeps the blood sugar level under control because it has a very low glycemic index. On the other hand, peas contain large amounts of fiber, which improves digestion and controls blood sugar levels.

Useful for the skin

Peas are very useful ingredients for our skin. The most important of these are vitamin B6, vitamin C and a large amount of folate, i.e., folic acid. Together, these three ingredients not only reduce internal body inflammation. Due to them, free radicals are made less in the body, and their damage is also less. In this way, the elasticity and shine of the skin are maintained.

Treasure of Protein

Peas are rich in protein and are also the most important source of vegetable protein. Remember that we get protein from meat, eggs and milk etc. But apart from these foods, peas provide us with the best protein. If you eat only vegetables, protein deficiency can be met with peas.

Lower cholesterol

Regular consumption of peas is rich in an ingredient called niacin, which prevents harmful cholesterol and fats from increasing. In this way, harmful cholesterol is reduced and useful cholesterol increases. In this way, it can be said that mites can reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure because they are fully capable of controlling cholesterol.

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