People must pay attention to Google Account setting

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Google Account setting

Google has become an integral part of our life. However, it is unfortunately most of us do not explore the tools, apps and systems offered by the company. The information collected by Google is very sensitive. Activities we perform while surfing the Internet are highly sensitive and personal in nature but Google collects them and stores them.

Most of us have been using Gmail and our android based smartphones without realizes the risk involved and how our digital information is collect and exploited by companies and hackers.

I advise people to spare some time and explore the Google tools and information it asks and setup required to use tools.

People must pay attention to Google Account setting and try to protect their Gmail and other data.

Google regularly reminds us to perform ‘Privacy Checkup’.  These reminders enable us to check basic settings of our Google account.

Google is known for its search Engine. We all use it regularly to find information on the Internet. When we search our search history is maintaining by Google. The company collects our search and browsing activity. Google searches can tell can the tell the company a lot of information about our illness, reading and buying habit, activities performed on the Net. It collects information about travelling. In short it collects a lot of information.

The good thing is that Google allows us to control and manage data collection. You can go to and go to Data & Privacy and then to Web & App activity and turn off the option if we do not want Google to collect our surfing data.