People weaken their muscles while sitting continuously in their seats

Toronto: In modern and fast life, we are confined to the chair. However, during the long sitting process, only a few minutes of sitting, walking or other physical activity not only improves the quality of life, but also keeps the body muscles and muscles in better condition.

weakens muscles by sitting in a place for a long time
If a few minutes of exercise are done during continuous sitting, it strengthens the muscles and benefits the whole system. Photo: File

Daniel Moore, a professor of physical physiology at the University of Toronto, and his colleagues have said that leaving the rest of the chair and walking for two minutes in the middle or sitting 15 to 20 times from the chair or physical activity, it is not only possible to reduce the amount of blood sugar, but it also keeps the muscles and muscles in a better condition and their mass can be maintained.

In this way, the process of converting the amino acids included in the diet into protein and the formation of muscle becomes faster.
On this occasion, Dr. Daniel said, “Sitting idle and inactive for a long time does not properly resolve or digest the sugar produced after eating, at this point only two minutes of low or medium activity is very beneficial.” ‘

Experts have been considering ways for a long time that can eliminate the negative effects on people sitting in their seats for the dominant part of the day. He wanted to find a way to use the amino acids that strengthen the muscles of the body. Now after research, a few minutes of exercise have been advised and its procedure has also been told.

According to doctors, it is necessary to convert amino acids into protein and sitting weakens this process. Ignoring it, on the other hand, gradually weakens our muscles, and we do not realize it. That is why it is very important to protect muscles from weakening by acting on time.

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