PMLN launches Lahore Metro service: An excellent Project for people.

The Punjab government has launched a metro service in Karachi with fanfare. We have been hearing about this project for a year. Now this project has been completed and launched. A huge sum of money has been invested on this project. PMLN’s opponents have criticized them for this project. They said this money could have been used to improve the lives of South Punjab. There is no doubt South Punjab needs urgent attention. However, this project is also meant for people. I expect that PMLN government should pay attention to other areas too after fresh mandate.
It is a good project and other provinces should initiate this kind of project to solve transport problems in big cities. People have raised hue and cry over motorway project too, but when they realized the benefits offered by motorway project they started praising it. Chief Minister said that this project will enabled teachers, people, students, labourers and office staff to reach their places on time.
Mian Shahvaz clarified that his government has completed this project in 30 Billion rupees. He sarcastically said if this project had been developed by Zardari and company, it would have taken 70 Billion Rupees as said by his critics. He informed that projects like mobile hospitals have been launched in South Punjab.
Mian Shahbaz revealed in his interview with javed Chaudhry on the launching ceremony that his government has spent around 400 billion rupees on South Punjab as compared to the government of Pervez Ellahi. He also told us about the a large number of Danish Schools, which was built by his government in South Punjab.
He also told Javed Chaudry about a 410-bed hospital, which has been completed in South Punjab.