Polish government wants to buy AH-64 Apache helicopters

The Ministry of National Defense made a surprising announcement.

The AH-64 Apache is a basic combat helicopter with two engines used by the US Army. It is likely one of the most well-known military aircraft designs in history. The Apache took its first flight in 1975, so this machine has been around since the 1970s. However, it wasn’t until 1986 that the helicopter was put into active service.

AH-64 Apache helicopters

Its maker, Boeing, says that the “H-64 Apache offers a unique combination of speed, range, armament power, and survivability” and that “it is the most technologically advanced and battle-proven combat helicopter in the world that no other helicopter can match.”

Boeing says that the main benefit of the latest version of the helicopter is that it has four new technologies that no other combat helicopter in the world has. The first is the fire control radar and radio frequency interferometer, which cut down on the time it takes to find a target and choose ammunition. This makes the helicopter more likely to survive. You can also use it to find enemy units that could be a threat to the machine.

The second thing that gives Apache an advantage on the battlefield is an integrated communication system with both manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). This system allows unmanned structures to send real-time video to places like ground bases.

Third, the AH-64 version E uses the Link 16 system, which lets it get information about the activity of enemy units in real time from all available sensors, whether they belong to it or to other allied structures. Because of this, the Apache can work well with systems like the Patriot missile system or the F-35 planes and M1 Abrams tanks that Poland bought.

System number four has two separate systems for aiming and steering. Together, the improved sighting and observation system and the pilot’s separate thermal imaging system give the crew the ability to hit their targets accurately from far away and to fly in any weather.

The helicopter has a two-person crew, and it’s interesting that both pilots can control its flight and weapons on their own. The pilots are also separated by a special armoured cover, which will help at least one of them stay alive while enemy fire is coming at them. The helicopter was also made from the start with a high chance of survival in mind. The AH-64 has armour that weighs more than a tonne and a special fuel system that seals itself. Its design and subsystems give the crew a good chance of surviving an emergency landing or being shot out of the sky and landing on the ground.

As for the Apache’s ability to fight, it can fly both during the day and at night, and it is mostly made to fly on the front lines. Its main weapon is a 30mm cannon, and it can hang a variety of missiles from the side pylons. Hellfire anti-tank missiles and Hydra all-purpose missiles are by far the most common way to set up an AH-64.

In the future, it’s also possible that the helicopter will be able to carry laser weapons. A solution like this has been tried out for several years and has worked well. Raytheon said in 2017 that a test of laser weapons mounted on an Apache helicopter went well. The AH-64 can speed up to 293 km/h and has a combat range of 480 km. In turn, the flight height of the helicopter is 6.1 km. The Apache is also 15 metres long, almost 4 metres tall, and can lift about 10 tonnes when it takes off. As you can see in the picture, it can also be given skids so it can move in snow.

Boeing also says that it helps more than 1,200 people all over the world. There are over 500 AH-64E Apache helicopters, which are the most recent model. It will also be a long-lasting helicopter that the US Army will use. The fact that the Americans plan to use it until the 1960s of the 21st century shows that it is a structure that is very universal, tried, and easy to change.

In the version of the helicopter that Poland wants to buy, a number of improvements have been made, such as a better engine, the ability to control drones, a full set of tools for flying in low visibility, and better landing gear. Also, the Guardian version got composite rotor blades, which increased the machine’s lifting capacity and cruising speed. It also got a better radar and more ways to figure out what’s wrong with the helicopter. The company that made it also gave it a better digital communication system for use on the battlefield. As we’ve already said, if our country buys 96 Apache helicopters, we’ll have the second largest fleet of these machines in the air, behind only the USA. About 800 of these are in the United States.

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