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Lotions designed to speed up and enhance tanning are frequently used by those who love tanning. These practical lotions can speed up the development and prolong the longevity of your tan, whether you like indoor or outdoor tanning. Many of these lotions contain vitamins, antioxidants, and natural extracts like hemp seed or green tea that help nourish, regenerate, and protect your skin. With so many tanning lotions on the market, it’s critical to pick one that works for your skin type and your tanning requirements. To decide which of these items is best for you, take a look at list of the top tanning lotions for 2022 and the buyer’s guide that is provided below.

An cheap tanning lotion with the best customer reviews is Australian Gold Accelerator Lotion. This composition allows all skin types to tan without burning and is appropriate for both novice and experienced tanners. Because it doesn’t contain bronzer, orange striations and ugly blotches never become a problem. Instead, this lotion is made to only speed up tanning while feeding your skin with oils and vitamins. Users laud this lotion’s nice scent and outstanding bronzing results. Additionally, it applies easily and leaves your skin incredibly smooth.

best tanning lotion

With Solid Black from Millennium Tanning, get the latest in elegance and technology in tanning. To help you get the deepest tan ever, this cutting-edge tanning bed lotion contains potent silicone bronzers and Auto-Darkening Tan Technology. Extreme moisturisers are also included in it to preserve your skin and improve your tan. This tanning bed lotion, according to users, produces brown, not orange, colour that won’t rapidly disappear. It doesn’t have that overpowering after-tan smell, but it does have a nice, mild aroma.

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