Reverse Charging: iPhone 13 will be able to charge small devices

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According to some rumors, iPhone 13 will also be able to charge small devices thanks to reverse charging. 

 We’ve seen that smartphones that use the Internet over the network can extend this connection beyond the hotspot. But can a phone automatically charge other small devices? The new iPhone model, the iPhone 13, may have this feature.

First, Max Weinbach, a technology expert, says that Apple has made wireless charging coils unusually large. One of the aims seems to be to charge Apple’s wireless earphones, the ‘AirPods’. As soon as the wireless AirPods are checked, placing them on top of the phone will automatically charge them.

However, this is still a technology and corporate rumor because Apple has not said anything about it, which may be due to business secrets and patents. However, Max has hinted at its YouTube channel and website, Every Thing Apple Pro, that the new iPhone model may have this feature.

The wireless charging process in iPhone 13 will be faster and the heating problem will be less. According to Every Thing Apple Pro, the new iPhone will have an unusually large coil. But it will not be possible to check from one phone to another, but small airpods will be able to check.

Experts call this process reverse wireless checking, which means that it will be able to charge as well as charge other products. Another website, Trend Force, has said that the price of this phone will be the same as that of the iPhone 12.

The story follows some photos leaked on Chinese social media Weibo. Weibo is also called China’s Facebook. Pictures and sketches of the iPhone are still circulating on Weibo, and experts there are calling the iPhone 13 a reverse charger phone. Four models of the iPhone 13 series are expected to be introduced, including the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.