Russian officials acknowledged they had left the Izium region.

The Russian Ministry of Defense acknowledged that the Russian military has withdrawn from the Izium region in the Kharkiv region. The official reason is to “accomplish the objectives of the special military operation.” On the other hand, Ukrainian services and American Institute of Internal Affairs specialists indicate that the Russians are fleeing the captured territory in a panic, leaving behind weaponry and equipment.

Izium region

Russia says it has withdrawn its troops from the areas of Balaklya and Izium, but never used the term “withdrawal”. Analysts observe that Russia thus confirmed the loss of occupied regions, despite never using the term “withdrawal.” The occupying forces took the cities as early as February 2022.

The Russian Ministry of Defense did not acknowledge the Ukrainian victories in Kharkiv Oblast as the primary reason for the Russian retreat. The Russian military command had been conducting a three-day controlled withdrawal from the Balaklya-Izium region. These Russian declarations have no bearing on the situation on the ground.

The Russian public no longer believes the story of the Russian Ministry of Defense. TV propagandists supported by the Kremlin presented a variety of ambiguous reasons for Ukrainian achievements. Such acts may assist in revealing the true “progress” of Russia’s “special military operation” to the public.

Bloggers blame the Russian government for being silent and distorting the reality of the battle. The TI argues that such “unconscious information tactics weaken the trust of the Russian public in the Defense Ministry’s messaging”.

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