Saudi Arabia chooses to grant Israel access to its airspace


Saudi Arabia has declared that it will permit all aircraft into and out of Israel by opening its airspace to them.

US Vice President Joe Biden, who will depart from Israel for Saudi Arabia today, has praised the Saudi Arabian government’s decision.

According to the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), the nation’s airspace is now accessible to all airlines that comply with its overflight regulations under international accords. No differentiation between planes should exist.

The decision would support Saudi Arabia’s efforts to strengthen its position as a global hub connecting the three continents, the GACA added in the statement. It would also improve global air connectivity.

Some flights to and from Israel were unable to cross through Saudi airspace, lengthening their flight time and using more fuel.

President of the United States Joe Biden praised Saudi Arabia’s move, according to White House National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan.
According to Jack Sullivan in a statement, “This decision sets the path for a more connected, stable, and secure Middle East region that is important to the security and prosperity of the United States, the American people, and Israel.”

A US official had earlier in the day informed Reuters that Saudi Arabia would soon grant uninterrupted access to Israeli flights to its airspace and that Muslims travelling to Mecca annually for the Hajj would have direct access from Israel. enables flights

Saudi Arabia, which does not recognise Israel and is the home of Islam, has not yet made any statements regarding potential bilateral advances during Biden’s visit. Israel has similarly avoided initiating such communications.
Saudi Arabia decided to permit Israeli-UAE flights to operate through its airspace in 2020 despite the lack of diplomatic links between the two countries.