SC wants new delimitation in Karachi

SC has recommended new delimitation in Karachi. The honorable court thinks that new districts should comprise mixed population. Judges think it will end political polarization.

There is nothing harm in doing this. However, we should decide should be the size of districts in Karachi. Karachi has more than 6.8 million voters. It needs more representation in the provincial and national assemblies. Will big political parties accept that? 

Look at the number registered voters in Karachi and compare it with others areas. You will see how areas have have been divided in Pakistan. We should not divide Karachi to defeat MQM. This will lead to violence and riots. 

2 thoughts on “SC wants new delimitation in Karachi”

  1. No court orders can or be allowed to by pass the constitutional constraints. If census is a precondition laid out in the Constitution of Pakistan then let us have census first. No courts are, especially the one tarnished with biased and ethnic inclinations if not outright hatred for a people, superior to people’s right to decide what they wish for themselves. This or any such ridiculous order must be rejected by the people, no attempt at divide and rule is acceptable.

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