Scientists discover ‘single hormone’ that predicts health in men

Nottingham: Scientists have said after a long research that a particular hormone in men remains in equal amounts throughout life and by observing changes in it, future health or diseases can be accurately predicted.

Dr Ravinder Anand and his team from the University of Nottingham, UK, said that a hormone called ‘INSL-3′ appears in boys’ adulthood and its amount decreases slightly in old age. That is why the future of health can be determined by looking at its fluctuations.

If this hormone is lacking in youth, it can persist till education. This can mean health complications and diseases. But looking at the hormone can also treat a potential illness prematurely. This can greatly help in the increasing pressure and management of diseases.

In this regard, experts have collected data of 2200 men of all ages in 8 different countries of Europe. Men who had the same amount were healthy, while those with low INSL-3 were found to be diagnosed with several diseases.

It should be noted that this hormone is formed in the male organ and also shows the health of the cells in the testicles. And we know that the breakdown of liver cells has been causing many diseases in the future. The best part is that the exact amount of ‘INSL-3’ can be determined by a simple blood test.

Scientists insist that the entire system of this hormone can be improved by giving boys a balanced and healthy diet at an early age. The most surprising thing is that the people surveyed who had low hormone levels were showing their risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other diseases.

It is believed that by noting the deficiency in this hormone, a disease that occurred in any man four years ago can be predicted to a great extent. However, experts will now investigate further in this regard.