Teenagers hacked the servers of Microsoft, Nvidia, and Samsung

hacked the servers
Microsoft, Nvidia, and Samsung servers were compromised by seven teenagers.
Photo by Pixabay

London police detained seven teens who hacked the servers. It is suspected they are part of the Lapsus $ hacking organization, which has become so famous that even Anonymous had to give it front-page coverage.

The City of London Police and partners are investigating hackers. Seven 16- to 21-year-olds were arrested and released in this inquiry. City of London Police Inspector Michael O’Sullivan stated that findings are awaited.

Lapsus $ recently hacked the servers of NVIDIA, Samsung, Ubisoft, Okta, and Microsoft. NVIDIA tried to outsmart hackers by installing their own malware, but they were smarter and stored up the stolen data. Microsoft verified the Lapsus $ attack and launched its own investigation.

Cyber security expert Brian Krebs claimed this week that the organisation had operated before and at least one member was likely involved in EA data theft. Vice acknowledged the group’s involvement in a Thursday story, calling it “another classic Lapsus $ hack.”

Doxbin customers didxed the juvenile genius suspected of leading the organisation. A group leader bought a site where people can exchange or find personal information last year, but he managed it poorly, according to Krebs. So he resigned, but “all Doxbin info” leaked to Telegram.

The Doxbin community took retribution by collecting and analysing information about the website owner, then posting it online.

How do his parents feel? The teen’s father told BBC News he didn’t know about his hacking group involvement until recently. He’s never mentioned hacking, but he’s good with computers and spends a lot of time there. I believed he was joking. The man added, “We’ll block him from using the computers.”

Taking into consideration a teenager’s skills, he may use them better, but only for the correct reason, such as to increase security in a huge firm (he may have worked this out for one of the giants, as it’s a popular approach) or to solve a crime.

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