Shaheen Sehbai says Scotland Yard could include MQM leadership in probe

The reporters and editors think that Scotland Yard decision to include MQM leadership in the probe has disturb MQM.  Mr. Shaheen Shehbai’s piece in today’s The News say that Scotland Yard can impose travel restriction on MQM’s leaders.  He thinks that MQM will fall like pack of cards if London police charges are brought against MQM leaders in connection with Dr. Imran Farooq’s murder.

…the developing situation in London where the Dr Imran Farooq case has taken a sudden and surprising turn with the raid on the MQM headquarters following Scotland Yard’s decision to include the top MQM leadership in the probe.

The uncertainty caused back home is even greater and since there is no announced chain of command in MQM (the next best option to Altaf Hussain being the Rabita Committee and no clear picture as to who controls it) fears can quickly grow that MQM may split if Mr Hussain somehow gets entangled in the London probe.

I think senior journalists should not speculate.