Shocking news for parents in Karachi: KU introducing “self-financed” admissions

Karachi University has decided to introduce self-financed admissions. It has decided to offer 5000 seats in the morning to students. This scheme will deprive many bright students from admissions because not all them can afford the heft amount needed for admissions in different departments. Inflation has sapped the resources of residents of Karachi. Parents cannot afford to pay Rs. 250,000 to Rs. 500000 for a seat.

Karachi University said that they were forced to introduce self-finance because they are receiving no funds from High Education. Education is key to success in the modern world. However, our leaders do not realize the importance of education. That’s why they slashed the funds of Higher Education Commission instead of controlling their expenses.

I am amazed the silence of the government. He should have intervened in this matter.