Simple Exercise Also Helps Prevent Diabetes


A recent study has shown that exercising only three times a week can prevent people not only from obesity but also type 2 diabetes, and this process also makes brain insulin work better.


According to the research published in the medical journal ‘JCI Insight’, a study was done by experts from two German universities on the better functioning of brain insulin, control of type 2 diabetes and reducing obesity.


For the study, experts hired 21 people weighing 27 to 45 kg and their ages ranged from 21 to 59 years, including seven women.


Experts hired people at risk of diabetes and type 2 diabetes for the research, and before the start of the research, they were given insulin and MRI tests of their brains were also done.


During the study, experts asked all volunteers to exercise three times a week, including cycling, swimming and walking.


Eight weeks after the study, the experts also checked the weight of all the volunteers, including a re-MRI test, while they were checked in every way, including their blood tests.


The results showed that exercising for an hour three times a week, especially cycling and swimming, improves brain insulin and improves a person’s metabolism, while he also starts feeling hungry.


Experts found that while exercise improved brain insulin, blood glucose levels remained the same, which significantly reduced the chances of developing type 2 diabetes (diabetes) type 2 and also decreased fat.


It should be noted here that the better functioning of insulin (special hormone) produced from the human brain and pancreas keeps human blood glucose normal, which does not cause diabetes.


Due to the lack of a chemical called glucose in the human blood, a person gets diabetes or sugar, because glucose is also a type of sugar.




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