Sixth-wave corona virus: medical experts issue warning in Pakistan

Sixth-wave corona virus: medical experts issue warning

Health professionals have issued a warning that it is necessary for people to begin wearing face masks and maintain social distance in public areas to stop a fresh wave of the virus at a time when those infected with various forms of corona virus are fighting the illness and recuperating.
Officials from Sindh’s health department claimed that Karachi, where 340 positive cases have been reported, is the city most severely hit. There were 34 positive instances out of a total of 9,892 tests that were performed in various areas of Sindh.

There are currently 1,813 Corona patients living in isolation at home, while 16 people are being treated in hospitals.
Karachi, Pakistan, is seeing an outbreak of a new strain of BA5, which is quickly spreading to other nations, according to Dr. Saeed Khan, professor of molecular pathology and director of the Sindh Public Health Lab at Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS). Reports of outbreaks are currently circulating throughout the populace.

He claimed that reports of Omicron sub-varieties spreading in Karachi were also being received, but that BA5, a new type that had raised concerns elsewhere in the world, was more contagious.
The elderly, those who are not immunised, and those with compromised immune systems are more at risk, he continued.
According to him, the rise in instances could result in the sixth wave of the corona virus if medical advice is not followed and precautionary measures against it are not taken properly.
The rapid spread of diverse corona

virus strains is caused by a number of factors, according to Dr. Saeed Khan.
The genetic diversity of corona viruses “allows them to spread more quickly,” he claimed. Corona’s disregard for preventive measures is also mentioned.
A second booster shot
Dr. Saeed Khan also emphasised the importance of booster shots for individuals who have already received them as well as the need for additional booster shots.

It’s crucial to get a safe booster dose, he said, because the Corona vaccination helps prevent both infections and serious illnesses.
Dr. Abdul Wahid Rajput stated that the number of patients admitted in the hospital climbed from one to six in just three days when he presented the statistics for Sindh Infectious Diseases Hospital.

People only visit hospitals for serious illnesses, so he reasoned, “I believe the number of unreported instances will be significantly higher than the reported cases and the majority of patients stay at home with minor symptoms.” had been’
One of the probable Corona patients passed away this week, according to Dr. Yahya Tanio, the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center’s deputy executive director.
An official from the health department stated that four BA4 and BA5 samples of various corona types were analysed in Sindh and that these corona types were discovered in South Africa for the first time in January and February of this year. been gone
The Pakistan Medical Association has, in the meantime, voiced its alarm over the rise in corona cases across the nation, particularly in Karachi, Islamabad, and a few other cities.
The Medical Association claimed in a statement that the rise in Corona cases was the result of negligence because most people no longer use face masks, keep a safe distance from others, or practise good hand hygiene.
The statement said that just a small portion of the nation’s population had received booster shots, the vaccine’s potency had worn off over time, and getting a booster dose was the only method to prevent the disease.