Soft drinks and artificial sweeteners can damage your liver

The most complex machine in the human body is the liver, which performs 50,000 chemical reactions. Experts have now found at the molecular level that soft drinks, sodas, and artificial sweeteners affect the liver and especially its detoxification function.

Munaeems Blog February 8 2023
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These drinks affect the liver’s ability to flush out toxic compounds. In this regard, a study was conducted at the Medical College of Wisconsin in which they discovered the whole molecular and chemical process by which soft drinks and soft sweetened beverages affect the liver and its ability to expel toxic compounds.

In this regard, an important protein is affected which removes waste products from the body under metabolism.

Lara Denner, a doctoral student at the medical college, says cumin drinks and low-sugar packaged yogurt are equally harmful. Also, chemicals in makeup and other inedible items can affect the liver.

This protein is called P-glycoprotein (PGP). When it is exposed to the two main chemical constituents of soft drinks, acylfam, potassium and sclerosis, it affects a protein, also known as Multi-Drug Protein One (MDR-1). It should be noted that PGP cleanses our body from toxic compounds and harmful substances.

According to experts, the ingredients of artificial sweeteners stick to PGP and affect its potency. Thus the liver cannot excrete xenobiotics, pharmaceutical chemicals and bile acids.

Scientists warn that even drinks with less than a certain amount of sweetness can affect the liver equally. Most importantly, the liver also removes harmful chemicals from the drug thanks to its PGP protein. These toxic chemicals are caused by antibiotics and blood pressure medication.

Although more research is needed in this area, the research team warns people against soft drinks and soft drinks and advises them to use them sparingly.