Some segments State are arming Jihadi outfits in Karachi : Ayesha SIddiqa

Belling the (Taliban) cat – The Express Tribune

In Karachi itself, some of the friendly jihadi outfits are now resurfacing like the Jaish-e-Muhammad, which once had greater say in the affairs of the city but then went partly underground for a while. Some segments of the state are even gently arming and training militant groups, perhaps, to counter the non-religious violence and force of Karachi’s main political party.

Ayesha SIddiqa has written in her ariticle ‘ Belling the (Taliban) cat’. that  some segment of the state is providing arms and support to Jihadi outfits in Karachi.

What she has said is absolutely true. The activities of Jaishe in my area confirm her statement. We found out about their activities in my area when my one of my neigbour’s son was lured into fight war in Afghans. On the parents investigation, it was revealed his son and other boys were taken to the mosque near the DC office. Those who visited with the father inside the mosque were started to find out activities there.

She added :

Solving the Taliban issue in Karachi and the country at large will have to begin with the question of how and why does the state persist in arming groups, and then creates even more groups to counter/challenge those made earlier.

I have been saying this for a long time in tweets. The question is: Can civilian leaders have the courage to stop these people from arming groups. Karachi is in mess, which has resulted flight of capital from the Industrial and people now live in fear.