Sony launchesPlayStation 4 console

Sony Corp has launches its much awaited game console in the market. This new PlayStation 4 enable users will enable users to play video games on their severs. They have launched this product after seven-year.

The next-generation video game console will allow users to enjoy Sony’s new cloud-gaming service. Sony had bought Gaiko for $380 million in last July. Let us see if Sony can attract people to buy thei new product.

The company will face tough competition from Nintendo’s Wii U. Microsoft is also planning to launch its new box 360 successor. It says that it will release Bungie’s upcoming “shared-world shooter” with its machine. I would like to tell my blog readers that Bungie title Halo helped Xbox sale.

The new machine is just like a PC. It is powered by an x86-based CPU (central processing unit).  The company has developed a new controller for the machine. The new DualShock 4 controller features a a touchpad, a “share button” and a lightbar. Reviewers say that this control is very important for the success of the machines. It will allow users to share content and seemlessly interact with games.