Why are South Sea pearls in demand?

Pearls harvested from the South Sea are often regarded as the most precious type of farmed pearls obtained for commercial purposes. Oysters of the species Pinctada maxima, from which these pearls are harvested, can be found in waters stretching from the northern coast of Australia to the southern coast of China. The swiftly deposited nacre and warm seas of the South Seas give pearls of this outstanding quality a one-of-a-kind, satiny shine that sets them apart from other types of pearls. They are spherical in shape and are significantly larger than the typical pearl.

Why South Sea Pearls are so precious is one of the most often posed pearl-related queries. There are various causes, and just as with diamonds or other precious stones, there are many variables that influence the general quality and worth of pearls. The finest, most prized, and sought-after cultured pearls in the world are fine South Sea Pearls, which are the pinnacle of pearls. The value elements of size, form, luster/nacre thickness, surface cleanliness, and rarity are all present in very high concentrations, making them special.

South Sea pearls

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