Suicidal tendencies are more prevalent in people with long covid

The phrase “long-covid” is used to describe people with Corona who continue to experience numerous medical issues even after they have recovered. According to numerous studies conducted thus far, there are at least 200 different medical issues or symptoms associated with long COVID, including some potentially dangerous problems. Long COVID, which is defined as experiencing corona-like symptoms and other medical issues for six months to two and a half years even after recovering from a corona, affects an estimated 150 million people worldwide. .

long covid Munaeems Blog February 7 2023

Long-term cancer patients have the highest levels of depression, which has raised the predisposition for suicide and led to an increase in such occurrences in several nations, including the United States and the United Kingdom.

Experts from the US National Institutes of Health and the United Kingdom’s Data Collection Agency reportedly started looking into the rising trends in suicide among persons with long-term Covid-19 and found their connection to the early findings. has occurred Numerous incidents of Long Kovid patients taking their own deaths after being unwell nonstop, according to experts, have been documented. These people frequently suffer from severe depression, but many Corona patients also have a variety of somatic symptoms and believe their bodies are paralysed.

Experts warn that the rising suicide rates among Long Kovid victims are worrisome, and that serious consequences would result if prompt action is not taken in this respect. The paper also included information from 20 different hospitals in the US that revealed, unexpectedly, that patients with long-term COVI after recovery need depression treatment more quickly than those with corona. Felt. According to the paper, the data showed that patients with long-covid used antidepressants within 90 days, whereas Corona patients did not require such treatment.