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SWIFTNet Link is a SWIFT software product to access and use the SWIFTNet messaging
services, FIN, InterAct, FileAct, and Browse. SWIFTNet Link embeds the SWIFTNet PKI

SWIFTNet Link is designed to provide the following functionality:

• the necessary minimal functionality to access and use SWIFTNet messaging services over
the SWIFT secure IP network
• the technical interoperability at the customer end between the requestor application and the
network and between the secure IP network and the responder application.

SWIFTNet Link offers built-in transport-level features that include location transparency and
routing. These features are specifically for high-availability and high-throughput application

The diagram “An example of the SWIFTNet Link access to the SWIFT network and the
SWIFTNet messaging services” shows access from SWIFTNet Link to the SWIFT network and

to SWIFTNet messaging services.