Oransi launches New Ionic Air Purifier

AirPurifynite Oransi has unveiled their new money-saving ionic air purifier. The purifier is made of fire-resistant ABS materials and does not produce any sound. It can be used to remove odor from bedrooms and bathrooms.

The company says that they have added a built-in LED night light for the convenience of seniors and kids.

The air purifier ionizer weighs only one pound and uses very low energy. The good thing is that it has not cords. It means crawling babies and pet will not trip over. The retail price of The Oransi ionic air purifier $59.00. It can be purchased online.

Oransi is a new company but its HEPA air purifiers, ionic air purifiers have become very popular.

Air Purifiers Can Help Curb Aggravating Winter Allergies

air_purifier Winter is often the season when our indoor air quality suffers the most. Seasonal activities such as burning logs in a fireplace, weatherizing doors to seal out cold air, and cranking up dust-ridden heating systems can all contribute to a higher concentration of indoor allergens and heightened symptoms. A good-quality air purifier can help address this problem. These appliances work to eliminate allergens and create cleaner, purified air. At the same time, they can greatly reduce – or even eliminate – aggravated allergy symptoms.

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Install air purifiers to protect your patients and visitors

HEPA-CARE Reports say that healthcare facilities are buying hospital grade air purification equipment to protect their patients, staff and visitors from nosocomial infections .

The reason behind their purchases is the swine flu pandemic in North America. Hospitals say that this has surged emergency room visits. The disease is potentially infectious. They say they are installing air purifiers for the protection of their patients, visitors and staff.

There are many company in the United States that make air purifiers. AeroMed is one of them. They offer a line of hospital grade air purification equipment that can be installed to reduce the risk of nosocomial infections.

AeroMed President, Bill Palmer says that hospital that are facing surge of infectious patients should create temporary negative pressure in place. He says this can be done by installation of a portable HEPA filtration . The unit can throw the the filtered exhaust  efficiently..

Experts say that AeroMed portable HEPA air purifiers  give good performance. They generate very low noises and do not interfere with patient care. The can provide maximum protection against airborne pathogens.