The rise and fall of Gadoon Industries

It gave me a shock when I read this report. ANP raises hue and cry over Kalabagh Dam, but never raised their voice on this issue, which has made more than sixty thousands people jobless.

According to Rangeen Shah, former secretary of the Gadoon Chamber of Commerce and Industry withdrawal of incentive packaged caused the closure of the Package. He said:

With incentives withdrawn in 1991, Gadoon ceased to attract fresh investment and the factories already there mostly closed down or began minimal production. Out of 270 units in operation then, around 120 are running round the clock or in one or two shifts. However, it were the small industries that were closed and the bigger ones who had built huge infrastructure were constrained to be retained and even expanded.

He added:

But when these incentives were withdrawn, industries went into losses. At its peak, there were around 80,000 employees in the estate but their number is around 16,000 these days. Out of 270 factories, only 73 are fully operational of late. No new factory has been established since then

Who is responsible for the violence and killings in Karachi?

More than 20 people have died in three days. Violence has divided the city into two different camps. The government is issuing the same-old  statements that unknown criminals are doing this, and they will eliminate them. They did not make any efforts to arrest the people responsible for violence.
Mohajir and Pakhtoon leaders are blaming one another for the violence. The question is: Will leaders and government do anything to stop violence in Karachi?
All parties are responsbile for the crisis in the city. We can only pray to Allah for peace in Karachi.

Why innocent people are killed in the riots?

via  Muttahida worker`s killing triggers violence
Sindh Home Minister Manzoor Hussain Wasan said:

We have confirmed reports of the killing of eight people, including MQM workers, and 35 vehicles were set ablaze in today`s violence.

There are other unfortunate people who died due to violence.  The following are the poor non-Urdu speaking bread earners.
Dawn reported:

In New Karachi, the driver of a route W-18 bus was shot dead before his bus was set on fire. `The young driver, Shahzad Mehsud, sustained three gunshot wounds and died in Sector 5A- , The victim was a resident of Manghopir and originally hailed from SouthWaziristan.
A rickshaw driver, Taj Habib, met the same fate near Nishtar Park. The thirty-five-year-old driver was shot dead before the three wheeler was set ablaze near Novelty Cinema.
In Azizabad, a popcorn seller was shot dead near a mosque, police said. `Thirty year-old Zardar Gul used to sell popcorns on his pushcart near Baloch Hotel and Riaz Masjid. He was a resident of Bhangoria Goth.

These innocent people were gunned down because of their ethnicity. This is outrageous. We are not at war with anyone. Political vendetta should be settled with political people. Ordinary people should not be targeted.
Violence and killings will never end if we behave like barbaric animals. What happened to the MQM’s sector member is high condemnable, but it is not right to target and punish innocent people for the crimes of others. PPP government is solely responsible for the continued violence in the city. They did nothing to stop it. Instead, they have been trying to take advantage of the unfortunate situation. Reports indicate Police did not bother to intervene. They watched arsonists burning buses and properties.  This makes them accessory to the crime too.

Senator Shahi Syed expressed his condolences with the family of slain activists

via ANP condoles MQM activist’s demise, condemns riots
Senator Shahi Syed expressed his condolences and the deepest sympathy with the family and party on the brutal murders of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) workers, Mansoor and Masood Mukhtar.
The senator has said in his statement that he is agrieved at their deaths and damage to citizens’ property. He criticised the efficiency of law enforcement agencies and complained that they did nothing to stop the arsonists, who were targeting vehecles belonging to Pakhtoons.
I agree with the senator. Police could have averted the violence if they had taken actions against the arsonists. He appealed to the people to protect their own selves.
Both parties have will have stop their supporters from hurling accusation against one another and work together for peace in the city.

What compelled ANP workers to cut cable wires?

People are eager to know who are cutting cable-wires. However, it appears that Police is not interested in apprehending the culprits. Anyone can make a guess who is behind this.
ANP Senator Zahid Khan gave yes some clue what compelled what coerced ANP workers to take this action. His statement with the geo signified that channel transmission was stopped when the press conference of Afaq Khan and ANP leaders were being shown on the channels. He lamented that cable operators switched off the transmission by the order of someone.

Armed men attacked GEO's office

Geo News office was attacked on Tuesday morning by Armed motorcyclists. They smashed windows of satellite van and fired at the office.
The Channel says that they have been receiving threat by a local political party.  The party think the enough is not giving due coverage to them. They cut off cable wifes in different areas of the city.
Geo has not named the party in their report. However,  news reports indicate that ANP workers are behind this attack. I advise party leaders not fight with media. It will increase their woes. Its senators and leaders are given good coverage in the electronic channels.

MQM should not make fuss over Shahi Syed's nomination

MQM has raised a hue and cry over the nomination of the Shahi Syed for a seat. I think they are unnecessarily wasting their energy on a wrong issue. It is the  internal matter of ANP.
MQM has to accept the fact that Pakhtuns has also contributed a lot for the city. ANP represents them in Karachi. Shahi Sayed is one of ANP’s leader. Both parties should work to bring peace in the city.  Peace in Karachi will bring back  prosperity.
I think parties should not spend their time mutual recrimination. ANP people should also restrain themselves. Provocative statements will bring miseries and destruction in the city. Illyas Bilour statement is a offensive one. No one can tame a popular political party. Political violence only increases the woes of poor supporters of both parties. Innocent people are killed in political violence along with political workers.
It is strange to see that MQM is raising objections over Mr. Shahi Syed’s nomination. President Zardari has assured him of his complete support in the forthcoming Senate elections.