New Army Doctrine: Militants attacking our cities are the real real

I am happy to know that the army has realized that militants attacking inside our cities pose threat our national security. Jihadi outfits have spread our tentacles inside our cities. Operation against them should start against them quickly.

In what appears to be a paradigm shift in its decades-old policy, Pakistan Army has described homegrown militancy as the “biggest threat” to national security.

According to the new Army Doctrine, ongoing activities of Taliban militants in the restive tribal regions and unabated terrorist attacks on government installations in major cities are posing a real threat to Pakistan’s security. The Army Doctrine deals with operational preparedness and is reviewed on and off.
For decades, the army considered India as its No 1 enemy but growing extremism in the country compelled the military authorities to review its strategy.

National interest: Army should not support its former officers who committed crimes.

Weakening of institutions and trying to assume more than one’s due role will set the country back.

Let us not pre judge anyone, be it a civilian or a military person and extend it, unnecessarily, to undermine respective institutions.”


The general’s anger is unjustified. No is trying the weak the institutions. It is the people inside the insides who have misused their authorities.

He must provide support to civilian authorities so we get the the real fact. The former generals have committed crimes and they must be punished.

The army has been trying to assert that these individuals tried to take laws in their hands. Their stance is wrong. Statements submitted by their own senior officers indicate that the whole army considered Benezar Bhutto a security risk and formed IJI to keep her away from the corridors of the power.


National interest: No ultimate arbiter, says Gen Kayani – The Express Tribune

Mehran Bank Scandal: How Punjabi dominated establishment and army conspired against a popular leader

New Propaganda:  RAW is deeply involved in Balochistan, FATA, southern Punjab and Karachi. This time it is helped by USA, Britain, Israel, Germany and Afghanistan.
Instead of paying attention to the grievances of oppressed ethnic groups, they have started a new smearing campaign that they are being indoctrinated by RAW.
Mehran Bank Scandal tells us the horrifying story how Punjabi dominated establishment, and army conspired against a popular leader Benezir Bhutto from Sindh. They played very dirty tricks to keep her away from power.

Cyril Almeida wrote in his article ‘ Enemies of the state how they acted. He said:
The army wasn’t ready for Benazir’s vision for Pakistan, goes this theory. India was very much Enemy No 1 and Islamisation had produced useful allies inside the country and helped build public support for the army’s worldview and strategic outlook.
In less polite company, the theories are more cutting and personal. Back in the late 1980s, when the establishment was more uniformly Punjabi, the PPP’s roots in Sindh were viewed with deep suspicion. Governing was supposed to be the business of Punjab, being governed the fate of the other provinces  — BB and her PPP belonged to the wrong category to rule, goes this theory.