No incriminating evidence evidence has emerged in Asghar Khan case : FIA officers

Pakistan People’s Party’s leaders will be disappointed to hear that no case can be registered against the people named in the Asghar Khan case because there are no incriminating evidence against these people. FIA officials are of the opinion that Mr. Beg and Mr Duraani did not distribute the money directly and it would be a difficult task to establish the identities of the middle men.

Statements of the serving and former FIA officials tells that they are not interested in initiating enquiry against the people. They lamented that no action was taken against the the accused in NICL case despite tangible evidence.

Some officials are even saying that this case does not come under the ambit of agency’s authority. They say FIA probes where misappropriation of public money is involved.

PPP leaders should pay attention to the statements of these officials and try to handle the situation sensible. Otherwise, it will pit two major parties against each, which would not be good for the country,which is passing through a political turmoil because of mismanagement of PPP leaders.