Northeast India crisis: Solution is to throw out illegal migrants, Bodo chief Hagrama Mohilary says

What will end the festering Bodo-Muslim clashes which show no signs of abating after so many deaths?

There is a permanent solution: throw out illegal immigrants. They should be pushed out and action should be taken against them.

Can India throw them out? Bengal Muslims are in strong position. It will create a crisis, which Delhi will not be able to handle?

Mr. Hagrama Mohilary is a former militant. Arms can easily flow in Assam. The Global Jinhadi network knows how to do that. Indian leaders should find an amical solution acceptable to both groups.

He has tried to mislead us he talked about the killing of  killed four Bodo youths on July 20, but he did not mention the attack on Muslim student leaders.

Northeast burning: Who gave them papers?

It’s a question that both the Bodo Territorial Council in Kokrajhar and the Tarun Gogoi government in Guwahati will soon need to answer if they want to see the end of Bodo-Muslim conflicts that can spiral out of hand any time. For, if Muslims are illegal occupants of tribal land, who gave them the various papers attesting their Indian citizenship?

BJP supporters are silent on this issue. They must demand an inquiry against the people who gave them valid papers. Times of India has published a photo of three People who are showing their Indian citizenship documents.

It is interesting to note these people have birth certificates, ration cards and judicial stamp papers signed by easily identifiable magistrates. If these papers are fake then government should take action against these officials.

Police have done nothing to win confidence of fleeing North Indians

Situation has worsened in Bangalore after fresh attacks on North India people. Times of India reported that unidentified assailants attacked for Assamese men  in the Jurisdiction of Ashoknagar police station in Bangalore. In another incident three Manipuri men attacked when they were waiting for a bus.

The slow action of Karnataka government gives me uneasiness. It appears government wants these people out of their state. Police have done nothing to win confidence of fleeing North Indians.

Home Minister of Karnataka has himself said that more 16,000 people from the Northeast have fled Karnataka. However, he claimed that exodus has reduced because of government’s actions. However, rush at railway stations and bus terminals belies his claim.

It is worrying that government has failed to nab criminals who are sending SMS to people.

The security forces were silent spectators when village after village was burnt down in Assam: A Local leader

Assam is burning and state and Delhi is sleeping. More than 22 people have been killed and 500 villages have been destroyed by the rioters.  People and leaders complained that security forces were not trying to stop the rioters. A veteran local politician Urkhao Gwra Brahma told Reuters:

The security forces were silent spectators when village after village was burnt down.


Delhi should try to control the situation. Otherwise, the area will become a hot of Jihadis.  Intelligence agencies have already predicted that.

The question is:  What is the cause of conflict?

Bodos are the largest largest tribal group among the 23 notified STs. However, they are only 5% of total population of the state. Muslim make up 33% of the population. Adivasis also live in large number in the area.

Bodos have been demanding a separate identity for a long time. For this they have fought British and Indian government forces. 

Non-Bodo groups feel that if the center accepts their demand. They will lose their land. Land is the bone of contention between Bodos, Bengali-speaking Muslims and adivasis. That’s  these three communities do not trust each other.