Congressional hearing on Baluchistan should serve as a wakeup call

I think the Congressional hearing should serve as a wakeup-call for our Punjabi elites and their sycophants.

Read this month’s ‘Herald’. How they are looting the mineral wealth of the Province.
If Islamabad did not act wisely, it will loose the province. All the ingredients are there to create a tragedy. Since 2001 more than 4000 people have vanished. We cannot fool the Baloch people anymore.

The presence of a large number of Baloch diaspora at the hearing and their emotions during the hearing indicates they are happy that American has internationalize the issue.

The muted response from our government is disheartening too. The big leaders have not issued any comments on the Congressional hearing.

The mood of the American law makers indicate that they have devised some plan for the liberation of Baluchistan. The presence of American hawks like Ralph Peters indicate an alarming omen.

Whenever I start a debate on the Baloch problem. My friends starts telling me that Americans are creating problems capture the Gawadar port.

Instead of deliberating what Americans could do, we should ponder why is situation going from bad to worse.

We have to accept the fact that we lost our Eastern wing because of ethnic strife. We should listen the comments of officers in private and you will be shocked.

In order to diagnose our problems, we have to tell the doctor every symptom.
I used the word ‘Sycophants for the Baloch leaders who are using their power  with the blessings of establishment to make them rich.