Three Bangalore Muslim residents arrested for spreading rumors

India’s Muslim leaders were blaming Pakistan for the crimes they have done. Now, things have started to become clear who were behind spreading hateful SMS and emails. reported that one of the arrested accused Anees Pasha alone forwarded controversial images and messages to 20,000. He is a cell phone repairman and used multiple SIM cards to send messages. Now its up to the Indian authorities to find out who ordered him to do this dirty work. Police have all the SIM cards, mobile phones and hard drives. The Bangalore police have arrested three person. 

Anees Pasha, Tahseen Nawaz, and Shahid Salman Khan are residents of Bangalore.

The paper said that Police is trying to arrest the fourth person involved in the spreading false information among the Muslims in the city.

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Police have done nothing to win confidence of fleeing North Indians

Situation has worsened in Bangalore after fresh attacks on North India people. Times of India reported that unidentified assailants attacked for Assamese men  in the Jurisdiction of Ashoknagar police station in Bangalore. In another incident three Manipuri men attacked when they were waiting for a bus.

The slow action of Karnataka government gives me uneasiness. It appears government wants these people out of their state. Police have done nothing to win confidence of fleeing North Indians.

Home Minister of Karnataka has himself said that more 16,000 people from the Northeast have fled Karnataka. However, he claimed that exodus has reduced because of government’s actions. However, rush at railway stations and bus terminals belies his claim.

It is worrying that government has failed to nab criminals who are sending SMS to people.