The Government has failed to end bonded labor

There are 3.95 million bonded labors in Pakistan. Most of them are in Punjab and Khyber Pakhton Kha. Reports say that 2.25 bonded labors work in brick and kiln sector and 1.7 agriculture. The Government has enacted Bonded Labor System (Abolition) Act 2012. However, I see that government is not making any efforts to implement modern day slavery in Pakistan. Punjab government should try to end this slavery.

These poor are sold like slaves by their owners.  Speakers at rally on the issue of bonded labour organised by the Society for Protection of Rights of Children said:

…bonded labourers of the brick kiln industry were sold from one owner to another, and if once they were bought for Rs100,000 then they were sold to the next owner for Rs150,000 while their rights of movement were banned by their owners and they could not go to another owner unless they paid their advances.They said an effective legislation was yet to yield any positive result due to its non-implementation and bonded laborers were still working in brick kilns without basic facilities.