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Cigar smokers always look for the best products in the market. They will pay price to buy hard-to-find brands. I know about this because my late father was a cigar enthusiast.

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Cigar deals

Cigar enthusiasts always look for the popular brands. My father used to ask his friends living in US and Canada to bring his brand of cigars. However, the Internet has made their lives simple. Now they can order their favourite brands from the comfort of their homes. is a website that offers cigar deals. People can buy their favorite brands in auction.

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Montecristo Yellow Cigars

Montecristo is one of the  popular cigar brand in the world.  These montecristo cigars are made in  Dominican Republic using the best tobacco for Habanos SA. The company uses the best Ecuadorian wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and Honduran fillers. This combination creates the finest cigars.
It is offered to cigar lovers in in a pack of 25 and 5. One can buy this brand from, which has emerged as the favoriet destination of cigar lovers.


I recommend leaf cigar bar for enthusiast

My late father was a cigar enthusiast. He would love to visit leaf cigar bar in his area. When a friend passed me a link of, I posed it on my Facebook profile. This restaurant is located in Lehigh valley. It has a speciallounge for cigar enthusiasts where they can enjoy food, drinks and favorite cigar brands.

People who have visited the restaurant say that it offers excellent range of cuisine. The enviroment of the restaurant is very good.