Looking for the best flavored Cigar?

Washington Post has reported that flavored cigars have become popular in teens and young people too. Cigars makers have introduced cigars brands with strawberry, watermelon, vanilla and chocolate flavors. They come in colorful wrappers and their prices are affordable.
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Macanudo Cafe Cigars

I know about cigars because my late father used to smoke a pipe and cigars. When I grew up, I often asked him about the brands available on the market. He used to tell me differences between  cigar brands.

Once he told me about macanudo cigars. He said it is one of the best brands in American. Cigar smokers like because of its mild aromatic smell. This brand is made in Dominican Republic using triple fermented wrappers.

Avo Classic Cigars

Avo Classic premium is a populr brand of cigars. The company uses ive diverse Dominican tobaccos from the Cibao Valley to make this premium brand cigar. It uses Connecticut wrapper, which gives out mild but creamy smoke.

Cigar smokers will be surprised to know this brand was specially made for the internationally-acclaimed pianist Avo Uvezia. He used to enjoy cigars while playing piano.

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Cigar deals

Cigar smokers always look for hard-find brands. Internet retailer and cigar deal websites have enabled them to get famous brands of cigar at reasonable prices.

cigarmonster.com offers cigar deals.  All the cigars are shipped from the famous Smoke Shop. You can buy  famous brands like Evolution, Vector Hammer and Arturo Fuente Don Carlos.

Now one can buy popular cigar brands online

My late father used to smoke pipe and cigars too. All my life saw him smoking the finest brand available in the market. When Internet was introduced in Pakistan, I used to email my friends and family members living in Canada and USA for his preferred brand.

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Davidoff Family of Geneva, Switzerland, has been producing the best quality cigars

I know about Cigars and quality  tobacco because of my late father. He loved to smoke cigars and pipe.  He has left us three years ago. We have kept his  belongings safely.

Today when a friend posted a link of a Cigar brand, my mind  switched to those memorable days in Sakesar when he used to smoke cigars. Davidoff cigars are in his collection too. You all know that it is a popular Swiss brand and is made with the best tobacco and gives a consumer intense please and relaxation.

Swisher Sweets small cigars

Swisher Sweets is a popular brand of small cigars. This  brand small cigar is made by Bering. The company uses high-quality  tobaccos to make its cigars. Cigar enthusiasts like this brand of cigars because of sweet testing smoke. The company uses special flavorings in its cigars.

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La Flor Dominicana

La Flor Dominicana is a new brand of cigar. It was introduced in the market in 1994 Litto Gomez. His product was well received by cigar enthusiasts. He makes his cigars using the best Dominican-grown longfiller & binder tobaccos and uses mild Connecticut Shade wrappers. In 2003 he introduced La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero cigars. Enthusiasts like the cigar because of wood and coffee bean found in the flavor.

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Montecristo Yellow premium cigars

Montecristo Yellow premium cigars are popular among smokers who are a fan of Cuban ciagrs. This brand is prepared from goo quality tobacco. Cigars are wrapped in a golden wrapper. Consumers say it gives a marvelously sweet aroma when it burns. Cigars lovers always like to keep a back of this legendary Cuban cigar in their humidors. They can buy montecristo cigars from the leading online shop famous-smoke.com.

CAO CX2 cigars

CAO CX2 cigars is a popular brand of cigar. The company makes its rich-tasting cigars by blending Nicaraguan and Colombian longfiller tobaccos. It uses African Cameroon binder and wrapper leaves. Their popular brands are Beli, Corona and Lonsdale. These brands are available in a pack of 20 and 5. Cigar enthusiasts can buy these brand from their local stores. They can also buy cao cigars online  from famous-smoke.com. It is a reputable online retailer of cigars. This online retailer carries all the popular brands.