Enjoy Fast Track offered by Majestic Lounge at Jinnah Terminal at Karachi

Most card holder do not know the travel benefits of their Credit Cards.

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Booking is done before 8 hours of your flight. But you can use the without booking.

Holders of some categories of Visa and Masters can enjoy fast tract and meals at Majestic Lounge at Jinnah Internal Terminal.

I come to know about this Alfalah Bank Credit card sent me A SMS about Airport Lounges offerings.

I came to know that I can enjoy CIP lounge at the airport.

During my search I came I visited the Instagram Page of the Majestic Lounge. They have posted on the Instagram what benefits they offer.

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Majestic Lounge’Alliance Partners

Luckily, I have HBL Visa Gold and Alfalah Optimus Titanium Cards.

When I reached Karachi Airport. I saw the desk of Majestic Lounge. I gave him my HBL Visa Gold card . He charged a transaction of Rs. 1.5. It is done to confirm that the credit is active .

He wrote my name on the Business card of Majestic Lounge and gave it to me. I showed this card to the officer standing at the Business Lounge and he allowed me to enter.

Security check was done in few minutes. Then I moved towards the Turkish Airlines Counter.

I would like to mention here that the representative of the Majestic lounge was very courteous. Officer standing at gate was courteous too.

I was a bit confused at that time because it was first international travel.

However, the representative and officer made me feel relaxed.

You deposit your baggage at the Turkish Airlines Counter. They weigh your luggage and give you your boarding pass for Karachi flight and Istanbul flight.

After chech-in my baggage at the Turkish Airlines Counter at Karachi Airport, I moved towards the Fast Track line of the FIA immigration.

The officer asked me a question why I am visiting Munich Germany. I told him.

He took my picture and stamped on my passport. I moved towards the Gate Number assigned on my boarding card.

When you move towards your gate you will see Majestic Lounge at the right side.

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Majestic Lounge Karachi

You can go in their and enjoy free meals offered by them. I did not go there and went directly to the gate number 24 and waited for the announcement of the departure.

People have frightened me that I could miss my flight this.

However , travelers should down load Turkish airlines app and Civil Aviation app to know about the boarding time. I will use the same app.

Majestic Lounge people ask you to make booking 8 hours before your flight time.

I tried it many times but I did not get any email response. When I got no response I wrote on their Instagram page about this . They asked me to try again.