Clean Hard drives before selling them

Digital data has become an important part of our lives. Most of us carry our vital documents, pictures, and other sensitive information on our computers. I would advise my blog readers to use a clean hard drives software before selling their old computers or replacing their hard drives. The normal format utility does not completely … Read more

DNSChanger malware may shutdown your PCs on Monday

Internet security has warned that thousands of computer owners will lose their access to the Internet because of a new DNSChanger malware that will strike computers across the globe on July 9. Report says that more than 20,000 computers will be affected in India alone. Computer security experts say that malware will modify the DNS … Read more

Circuit City Stores

Circuit City Stores were a popular chain of stores. The owners closed its operations after running it for decades. The store used to sell a wide range of brand-name consumer electronics, personal computers and home appliances. Its closer in 2009 has appointed its regular customers. I recommend to its former customers. It also sells … Read more

AceProject’s project management software

Project management software is widely used by project managers to finish their projects on time and within budget. It gives them analysis tools to Implemented efficient time saving scheduling process in their projects. Computer has made lives easier for project managers. There are some good project management software available in the market. I recommend my … Read more

The World’s First Data Recovery for exFAT Drives!

Uneraser is a set of unities that can recover files from  severely damaged, formatted, repartitioned hard disks, external storage devices. It can also undelete files from a variety of memory cards. This data recovery suite has been developed by DiskInternals. They use PowerSearch data recovery algorithms to recover erases files and folders. PowerSearch scans and … Read more

Core Systems makes insuatrial computer systems

Core Systems is a well known and a reputed company. It is considered the leader in Industrial Computer systems.  They make integrated systems for the Industrial, Military and Communication industries.  They use Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology to make the design and manufacture system according to the needs of their clients. Recently, they built a built  … Read more

Penny Imaging Exchange is offering Online Document Management & Hosting

Penny Imaging Exchange has introduced their new DOCHQTM interface for online document management. The company offers web document management and hosting services at a reasonable price. Companies can access their account from anywhere and anytime. Their new DOCHQTM interface will provide secure, collaborative work environment to business to improve business processes and streamline workflow. Their … Read more

Top Class Email Technology for parsing and saving data

Parker Software has made an announcement that they have made a large number of clients in the education sector. Their popular Email2DB software will now be used by University of Wales and Princeton University. Email2DB is a wonderful software. It can parse e-mail messages and extracts field data. This field data is saved in a … Read more

VOOM reduces the price of their Computer Forensics and IT Products

VOOM has made am announcement that they are reducing the prices of their computer forensics and information technology (IT) products. They have taken this decision support many governmental justice and defense agencies (e.g., Department of Justice, Department of Defense) who budget has been decreased because of the economic crisis facing the American people. VOOM’s computer … Read more

Sony today unveiled the VAIO® NW notebook

Sony has introduced their new product line VAIO® NW notebook. This new line is equipped with Blu-ray DiscTM technology. You can install a Blu-ray Disc ROM drive for viewing pristine HD content. The Blu-ray Disc ROM drive can also write and write in DVD and CD formats. It has a high-resolution 15.5-inch widescreen display They … Read more