Now common Corona symptom is an itchy throat.

According to a recent study, the signs and symptoms of Corona have changed over time. Itchy throat, nasal congestion, headaches, and dry cough are now new and prevalent signs and symptoms of Corona.

The symptoms of recent victims of the epidemic were different from those of prior patients, according to British experts who looked at the symptoms of millions of corona patients.

Corona symptoms have altered as a result of the introduction of new varieties of the disease, which previously included loss of taste and smell, fever, and colds.

A examination of more than 17,000 individuals who have recently been diagnosed with Corona infection revealed that dry cough, nasal congestion, headaches, itching, and throat irritation are typical signs of the disease.
The study also found that exhaustion, voice changes, coughing up phlegm, runny noses, sneezing, eye pain, muscle swelling, and dizziness are novel symptoms of Corona.
According to doctors, some recent and typical symptoms of Corona include trouble breathing, ear ache, chest pain complaints, chills, and fever.
The doctors highlighted that although the aforementioned symptoms may possibly be brought on by the corona patient, they may also be caused by other factors.
Experts claim that the new symptoms are caused by novel corona types that differ from the existing forms.
The “Omicron” coronavirus has recently undergone numerous new strains that are impacting people in various ways across the globe.
Several sub-types and modified forms of the same kinds, whose symptoms also vary, have been found since the discovery of Corona, which has more than half a dozen primary types.

itchy throat
The most typical symptom is an itchy throat.Image from file: Shutterstock