ClearOne Advantage Complies with New Debt Relief Service Regulations

The leading debt settlement company, ClearOne Advantage says that they have introduced new business modernization plans for their company. The company has taken this step to comply with the Trade Commission (FTC) Telemarketing Sales Rule. These rules have been enacted to improve the service of debt settlement companies and provide protection and debt relief to … Read more

debt collection agencies in Canada work professionally

Most Pakistanis have heard about the high handedness of debt collection agencies in Pakistan during Pervez Mushraf’s days. Their actions attracted media and judiciary because many people committed suicide because of their terror. Later, the courts ordered banks to use the services of professionals in order to recover their money not the thugs and hardcore … Read more

Freedom Debt Center changes its name

The leading provider of custom debt settlement and bankruptcy services, Freedom Debt Center has changed its name. The company says that they have changed name to provider better services to consumers. The new Debt Resolution Center management says that they will be able to over more more personalized solutions to their clients. I think their … Read more

Read a 50 page research paper articulating the benefits of debt settlement for consumers

As Franklin Debt Relief has compiled a report that says debt settlement companies are proving great help to people who are in debt. The company has compiled this report for regulators such as the FTC. The regulators are proposing that companies not demand their fees in advance. The report, titled "Common Sense" says that people … Read more

The Associated Press reported that 1.41 million Americans filed personal bankruptcy in 2009

Consumer debt is increasing in America at an alarming rate. says 43 percent of American families spend more money than their yearly income. This trend is causing personal bankruptcies. The Associated Press reported that 1.41 million Americans filed personal bankruptcy in 2009. Bankruptcy not only affects a personal for ten years, it also a … Read more