Ruff Wear launches its redesigned Grip Trex Boots

photos © Ben Moon 2010The leading maker of high performance dog gear has introduced new products for dogs owners. The new products consists of Grip Trex boots, boot liners , dog collar and leashes. These are not new product but redesigned versions of its products.

Ruff Wear has added new features to its popular Grip Trex Boots. It has added new Ventilating mesh upper. I think it will provide breathability and moisture wicking.  The company has used a Vibram® outsole in their redesigned version its boots. The company thinks that the new outsole will offer better support to dogs feet on uneven surfaces. The company says that they have tested the boot on different types of dogs.

It is said that there are 32.6 million who take part in outdoor activities in the united states. Most of these outdoor participants carry their dogs with them.