Doubting loyalties of dual nationals

But nowadays, a strange debate is taking place in the national press where some individual politicians and anchorpersons are deliberately questioning the loyalties of the foreign-based Pakistanis, a majority of whom have dual nationality. Actually, what these individuals fail to understand is that they are on the wrong side of the debate. There is no denying that our Constitution bars dual nationals from holding public offices, but it does not classify them as disloyal or traitors.

Yes, our constitution allows us to keep two nationality. However, law also attaches some conditions for them. Multiple Citizenship is a complex issue.

We should see what our laws says in this regard. People who criticize Mr. Hussain should study the issue before opening their mouths. Here is the Wiki article for them. Multiple citizenship

For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger retained his Austrian citizenship during his service as a Governor of California.

Countries were forced to take decisions on duality nationality because of the changing global environment.  For example, In 2005, India amended the 1955 Citizenship Act to introduce a form of overseas citizenship.

Mr. Hussain’s advisers misguided him and he used to used wrong reasoning in support of his case.