Politics on Election Commission

Tonight with Moeed (Politics on Election Commission) – 7th February 2013

Moeed started his program by telling us about us the three important developments in our politics.  He told us about the the meeting of PTI with the Dr. Qadri of PAT. The two parties has decided to run a campaign if a neutral caretaker set-up is not placed. Her termed the filing of a petition by Dr. Qadri the second most important development. Dr. Qadri has filed a petition for restructuring of Election Commission of Pakistan. The termed the statement of Chief Election Commission in which he said that political parties are unnecessarily targeting ECP.

PMLN thinks these developments indicate that some people are trying to postpone elections.

Moeed put a question to Qureshi. Why did his party want to join PAT now? They had not paid attention to Dr. Qadri’s calls earlier.

Mr. Shah Mahmood Qureshi tried to explain that when Dr. Qadri started his march, he did not discuss it with their party.  He added that two groups of people where in Dr. Qadri’s march. One group comprised his followers and the other group was people wanted change in Pakistan’s traditional politics. He said PTI had sympathy and support the efforts of those Pakistan who want change.

He said that PTI feared bloodshed or military intervention . They feared that crisis generated by Qadri’s march could have postpose elections.

He said that PTI agree with some of the demands raised by Dr. Qadri. PTI also wants an independent election commission and neutral setup like Dr. Qadri.  He added that PTI agreed to support Dr. Qadri when he clarified some of the things in their minds.

Mr. Mahmood Qureshi told Moeen that PTI has full confidence on Chief of Election Commission of Pakistan, but they don’t like four members of ECP.  When Moeed diverted his attention press release issued by Mr. Shaqat Mamood regarding joint campaign against government if neutral caretaker government is not in placed. Shafat tried to give the impress in his press release that no such agreement has been made with Dr. Qadri. However, Mr. Qureshi explained it is the stated policy of their party if neutral caretaker is not installed. They will start a campaign.

PPP, PTI and other parties have started accusing ECP of political bias after by-poll elections, but they have failed to bring any incriminating evidence before the ECP or media. Mr. Dastagir mentioned in his statement in the program that they are raising hue and cry over a small clip in which some people were displaying arms after election results were announced.

Mr. Dagtir explained that We cannot discuss about the formation of provincial election commission setup with PTI because they are not part of the assembly. I think he is right.  We all know that mechanism has been devised in 20th amendment then there is no need to raise hue and cry.

Mr. Qureshi accepted that Mr. Dastigris points are valid.

Is Election Commission supporting PMLN?

Aapas ki baat on Geo news – Threat to stop elections – 6th February 2013

It is a good news for Pakistanis that an elected government has completed full term. However, it appears that things are still not good for Pakistan. It appears political parties are heading for collision. Some political parties are demanding to make changes in the newly formed election commission. The question is: Why are they demanding this?

Mr. Najam Sethi has tried to explain this in his program.

My blog readers should know that it was PML-Q ,which had demanded the restructuring of ECP after their losses in by-poll elections. The growing relationship between PTI and PAT have frightened PMLN. They have accused that that army is pushing them come closer.

Mr. Qadri has decided a file a petition in the Supreme Court. If other parties joined with him on this issue, it would raise question on the new elections.

Najam Sethi has said that PPP is also supporting them from behind. A large number of PPP supporters and leaders think that ECP members are supporting PMLN. Their inclination towards PMLN has alarmed PPP and its allies.

He added that ECP’s job start after dissolution of assemblies. However, the way ECP has come into action before the dissolution of assemblies indicate that they might be doing this on somebody else’s behalf.

Najam explained that PPP can do things, which were banned by ECP  like hiring of new persons in job departments. However, their actions give a bad impression that must not be done at this stage.