Is eating eggs daily good or bad for heart

Are eggs good for health?
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There has been a long debate about whether eating an egg daily is good or bad for the heart, but now there is some evidence that eating one egg a day is good for the heart and can cure heart disease.

According to a report published in the research journal E-Life, eating one egg a day can be good for the heart. There is a decrease in the biomarkers that cause, but experts said more research is needed.
Now, scientists at Peking University have conducted a new study in this regard which can be called a survey.

He looked at the data of 4778 people in the Biobank of China, of whom 3401 had heart disease and the remaining 1377 were healthy.

Scientists took 225 metabolites (plasma metabolite chemicals) and plasma into their bloodstream with a relatively new technology called ‘targeted nuclear magnetic resonance’. All of these items were extracted from blood. It was found that 24 identified metabolites were associated with eating eggs and the participants also confessed to eating eggs.

People who ate eggs had more protein in their body, which is a major component of HDL cholesterol and is called ‘good’ cholesterol.
Then there were those who did not eat eggs or ate less, but their number of useful metabolites in the body was low and those who ate eggs were found to have a lot of them.