Energy saving electric heaters. Which one to choose?

Electric heaters are widespread in fall and winter. They’re useful and require little installation. Oil, convection, and energy-saving electric heaters are available.

electric heater

Electric heater – types

Electric heaters are hard to find. Before buying a device, determine the best solution for a certain room. Several major concerns deserve consideration.

First, consider the room’s size. Electric heater proportions must match interior. Also, consider the model’s substance. When choosing a radiator, heat output is also important. When choosing the device’s power, consider the room’s size and insulation type.

Which electric heaters are available?

Ceramic heater

This heater has high thermal efficiency. Thanks to its ceramic inserts, the room warms up rapidly. Because ceramics store heat, the device’s surface will remain warm after being unplugged. Ceramic heaters are colourful and aesthetically pleasing.

These devices have some drawbacks. Ceramic heaters use a lot of electricity, increasing operational costs.

Oil heater

Oil radiators heat a room well. It’s also a great way to augment central heating, which keeps you warm in winter. These devices have an oil-filled ribbed steel casing. When plugged in, the oil stores heat and heats the radiator walls, which heat the room. Oil heaters heat up slowly yet continue to produce heat while unplugged.

Convector heater

The electric convector heater is a fairly common device in our homes that is responsible for heating a given room. It is equipped with a heating plate or heater. Its main advantage is very fast obtaining of high temperature. After the cold air is sucked in, the convector heater heats it , which makes it escape upwards, thus heating the room. This circulation causes the cold air to be exchanged for warm air.

Unfortunately, after disconnecting from the power source it cools down almost immediately. Therefore , electric convector heaters are the best solution for heating small rooms.

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