Drinking hot tea or coffee increases the risk of esophageal cancer

It is best to break the habit of drinking tea or coffee that is too hot. Esophageal cancer risk is increased by consuming excessive amounts of hot tea or coffee.

Esophageal cancer
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This was discovered in a Swedish medical investigation.

The Karolinska Institute looked into how the temperature of a drink affects the chance of getting esophageal cancer.

Data from 580,000 Finns and Britons were evaluated for the study.

The findings revealed that excessive drinkers had an esophageal cancer risk that was 2.8 times greater than that of non-drinkers.

In actuality, people’s chance of developing cancer increases with how hot their drinks are.

According to the study, those who drank their coffee or tea too hot had a 5.5 times greater risk of developing cancer.

In a similar vein, esophageal cancer risk is increased by 2.7 times in persons who drink moderately hot coffee.

Researchers concluded that the temperature of coffee or tea harms the oesophagus because there was no correlation between hot beverages and other forms of cancer in the study.

Hot beverages may contribute to the development of esophageal cancer, which has also been linked to drinking hot water in mice, according to study.

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