European energy giants drag EU to court

The European Union lacks empathy. It is troubling the troubled. The European energy companies, which are facing a historic crisis amid the Ukraine war, are being harassed by the bloc.

The companies have now dragged the EU to court over policies that will harm their businesses. Watch the video to learn more.

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Europe’s Energy Nightmare Has Only Just Begun

Europe will have a hard time getting enough energy this winter because it can’t get much gas from Russia. Next year could be even worse. Europe’s energy crisis could finally force countries to dramatically pivot toward renewable energy.

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What is fuelling Europe’s energy crisis? | Inside Story

Ahead of winter, Europe is dealing with a deepening energy crisis.
Gas prices have risen to all-time highs, and supplies are becoming scarce throughout the bloc.

The EU finance ministers need coordinated measures to safeguard supplies as power prices are already rising.

Then why is there a power shortage?

What impact will it have on the EU’s ambitions to reduce carbon emissions and rely more on renewable energy sources?

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