The price of 20 kg flour in Karachi has gone up by up to Rs 200 in a week.

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics reported that the highest price for 20 kg of wheat flour was Rs. 1,700 during the week ending June 16 and Rs. 1,900 during the weekend of June 23.

Flour Prices in Karachi

Statistics reveal that the maximum price of a 20 kg bag of flour in Karachi is nearly twice as much as it is in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Multan, and Bahawalpur, where the maximum price is almost half as much. The cost can reach Rs. 980 per 20.

According to statistics, the price of a 20kg bag of flour in Sukkur has increased from Rs 1,480 to Rs 1,640 in Hyderabad, and the maximum price of wheat flour has increased in other cities as well. It has gone up to Rs. 1,820 from Rs. 1,720.

The report claims that earlier this week, flour mills in Karachi raised the cost of various types of flour by Rs. 6 per kg, making it more challenging for consumers to pay the highest food costs and utility bills.

The Sindh Food Department has halted the free movement of wheat in Karachi, according to a mill owner in Karachi. Flour mill owners had demanded a month’s supply of wheat from Sindh’s agricultural areas, but the Sindh Food Department has prevented this. In various Sindhi cities, checkpoints were set up.

Flour mill owners asserted that the Sindh Food Department had made only “empty promises” to restore free wheat access to Karachi from other districts of Sindh, but had not taken any concrete steps in this regard.