Google has announced a new feature for Android phones that can reduce the storage of some apps by up to 60%. – App Archiving

People have to uninstall apps for more space when they run out of storage in smartphones.

By the way, due to the option to increase the storage in the phones, it is not a big problem, but not everyone is able to upgrade the storage of the phone.

But now Google has decided to make this issue a thing of the past.

Google has announced a new feature for Android phones that can reduce the storage of some apps by up to 60%.

This feature is called App Archiving and will be available sometime this year.

This means that instead of uninstalling an app completely, this feature will temporarily remove some parts of it and become a new type of Android package which will be named Archive APK.

This package will save the data until you have completely restored the app.

The company said that once launched, this feature will be very useful for both users and developers.

According to the company, instead of removing the app from the phone, users will be able to temporarily increase the space by putting it in the archive, while reactivating the app will be easier and faster.

Similarly, developers will benefit less from these installs.

This feature will only be available to developers first, after which it will be introduced to the general public

Google has added another useful feature to Google Maps

 Google Maps has added an insight tab that will be part of the timeline and will track users’ travel modes on a monthly basis.

Google Maps is one of the most popular apps across the globe by people. They will find this new feature very useful

 This feature is being introduced gradually and will be available to all users very soon.

  Map users will be able to compare their activities through Insight. It will allow them how much time they have spent on feet and time consumed by using other mode of transport.

 In addition, personal data will allow consumers to gauge their travel habits.

 The Insight feature will also be used by Google to find out the locations you have visited and tell you which day of the month has been the busiest.

 Yes, this feature will track your activity and in more detail, whether you consider it good or dangerous, it’s up to you.

 This feature has just been introduced in Germany and the UK and will soon be available in other parts of the world.

 Google is also making some changes to the Maps user interface and reducing space, adding new floating buttons that will help make changes to the timeline.

 A new Trips tab is also being added to Google Maps.