PRS Guitars

tremontiSome people still hesitate to shop online despite secure transaction order processing systems offered by online store. I have been buying things from online store for a long time. It saves my money and time.  You all the know about Karachi hot weather. How difficult it is to move in the market.

People are selling all types of things in country like Pakistan.  A large number of online retailers are offering cash-delivery option.

Recently, a friend asked me to buy a guitar. I told him to search the Internet. Most retailers offer a good range of guitar brands. How do the manage to arrange them I don’t know?

We browsed through the inventory of a guitar retailer and selected a PRS Tremonti SE.  It is an affordable electronic guitar. PRS Guitars offers a range of models for guitarists.

PRS Tremonti features a Mahogany body and neck.It has 25” scale and 22 frets.

Taylor makes good quality guitars

Taylor Guitars has emarged as one of the leading guitar maker. The company’s acoustic and electric guitars very popular among guitarists. It has introduced many series of guitars, which were well-received by guitar lovers. Its guitars can be categorized into baritone, nylon and 6-string types. One can buy its guitars from online retailers too. There are reliable retailers who are selling its new and used guitars at reasonal prices.

Taylor 110ce Sapele/Spruce Dreadnought is a popular model. It features a sitka spruce top and sapele laminate back, which allows to porduce crisp and clear sound.  The company has used Elixir® medium gauge strings.

Ibanez is a popular guitar brand

Ibanez is a popular guitar brand.  The company has launched different models in the market, which were well received guitar players.

Ibanez’s Acoustic AEB5E  and V70CE  are affordable guitars. It features chrome die-cast tuners and Ibanez piezo pickup. The company has given its AEQ-202T 2-band preamp in the guitar.

Coffin Case Guitar Cases

When I heard the name’ coffin case‘ for guitar cases, I was surprised too. It is a brand name of a company that makes a wide range of instrument cases. The cases are made in the form of coffin. The company offers different models of guitar cases. Their models 300VX and G-186 are very popular among guitar owners.
The 300VX Universal Extreme Guitar Case is popular among guitarist. The maker has used a thick, black, road-resistant PVC  for exterior. It offers good protection in transportation. High-grade diamond-stitched velvet is used for interior. There are compartments for small accessories like your cables, picks and pedals. It comes with 4 4 drawbar latches, which locks the case securely.

Music Man makes good quality 4-string base guitars

There are many guitar makers in the world. Music Man is of them . This company makes 4 and 5 string bass guitars. It unveiled its first Music Man Stingray in 1976. Guitarists liked the product because it offered them a 6-bolt neck joint and rock-solid bridge. The company uses good-quality  hardwood to make its body.
One can buy this cool guitar from online retailer at a discounted price.

Dean EABC 5-String Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Bass

There are many companyies  that make bass guitars. However, Dean EABC Playmate Electric Acoustic Bass is good for new bass guitarists. Reviewers and users say that one can play it with or without amplifer. It features onboard electronics, which enables a player to play it on the stage smoothly.

It is basically a EAB 5-String Bass Guitar. Though I have recommended it for starters, Dean Bass is a full-sized instrument with 34″ scal. It means a bass guitarist can play deep tones.




Aria makes good quality guitars

Aria is a well-known name in the music world. The company’s guitars are very popular among guitarists. It is an old company and enjoys good reputation. The company makes acoustic and electric guitars.

Aria DM-380 Diamond Electric Guitar and Aria AP-STD-II Parlor Acoustic Guitar are its popular products. Aria DM-380 comes in cool and colorful design. Its retro styled alder body attracts guitarists of all ages. It features 21-fret rosewood fingerboard.